Monday, 24 March 2014

Apple picking at Bilpin Springs Orchard, Bilpin

The_other week Alan and I headed to Bilpin to relive last year's apple related memories. You can read about the old memories here. Bilpin is a village in the Blue Mountains, one and a quarter hours from Sydney....or if you live in one of the suburbs that people like making fun of, like I do, it's only three quarters of an hour away by car!

Apple pie taste test
Our first stop of the day was Pie in The Sky roadhouse for a spot of morning tea.

Last year we tested every apple pie we could find in Bilpin....except for one. That one lonely apple pie was from Pie In The Sky Roadhouse and we did not get a chance to try it as we were too full from all the other pies.

So_how was the apple pie here? Well, it was really good! As in, really really good. If apple pies aren't your thing, then never fear. A variety of other pies are available for sale.

Apple pie with vanilla ice cream will set you back $5 and it is worth every cent! We shared a pie and found ourselves to be very full afterwards. The apple pies here are placed onto your plate, straight from the oven. They are warm and made with a buttery pastry and filled with a good amount of delicious apples.

Not only are the pies happy, but the staff are too. They made us feel very welcome:)

Rating (Last year we gave each pie a rating)
You need to try this pie! If we go back to Bilpin next year, this is the pie we will be eating.

Apple Picking
Filled up with pie we headed to Bilpin Springs Orchard for some apple picking fun. We picked plums too.

We visited the orchard last year and liked it so much that we returned....this time, armed with a shopping trolley!

The orchard's website is updated regularly explaining what is available for picking and when. Fruit here is reasonable priced - we paid $3.50/kg for apples. CHEAP!

Some tips for your visit:
  • We decent shoes for safety and comfort. I saw some people wandering around in high heels...Eh?
  • Be sun smart.
  • Take some re-usable shopping bags with you to carry your apples home in.
  • Pay attention to the staff at the orchard. If they tell you some fruit is not ready for picking, show them some respect and do not pick the fruit. This means, do not climb over a barrier to pick a basket full of fruit and then tell the staff that it is your first time there and you didn't understand you weren't supposed to pick the fruit.
There's also a fun swing attached to a beautiful big tree at the orchard:)

We_had a great time in the sun, picking apples and plums.

With the fruit we picked, we have since made a variety of things, such as stewed apples, Austrian style plum cake, plum slice and an apple cake.

As_per last year, we also visited the Mt Tomah Botanical Gardens. The garden is well worth a visit. You may even spot a lizard or two.....or twenty.... Pie in the Sky on Urbanspoon


  1. I love apples but never tried picking apples.. Wish to try apple picking also.

  2. We always have a good time walking through the mature trees at Mt Tomah - and picking apples in Bilpin - it's just a natural. organic way to spend a weekend. Lovely images!